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2016 RSA/Kress Travel Grant Recipients

This list includes all RSA members who received a travel grant to present a paper at our 2016 annual meeting in Boston. Funding for these grants is provided by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the RSA. The paper titles listed below function as links to our online conference program.

2016 Kress Travel Grant Recipients
Paper Title
Ilaria Andreoli
“Florentinis ingeniis nihil ardui est”: the Florentine Illustrated Book, 1490–1550
Bilal Badat
The Prophet of Penmanship": The Concept of Mastery in Ottoman Calligraphy
Carla Benzan
Making Contact: Images and Acheiropoetoi at the Sacro Monte of Varallo
Katherine Bond
Charles V’s Universal Empire: Fresh Perspectives on a Costume Project, ca. 1547
Marco Cardinali
Technical Art History and State-of-the-Art Multispectral Imaging: Some Case Studies from Giorgione to Caravaggio
Irina Chernetsky
The Creation of the World by Virgil Solis
Lisandra Costiner
Picturing Apocrypha: The Case of a Fourteenth-Century "Life of the Virgin and Christ" Manuscript
Thomas Dalla Costa
Drawings and Draughtsmanship in Sixteenth-Century Venice: Tintoretto vs. Veronese
Gerardo de Simone
Chasing a “Chimera”: On Francesco Pagano, An Elusive Master of Neapolitan Quattrocento Painting
Dario Donetti
Into the Fold: Drawings on the Move from the Sangallo Archive
Ljerka Dulibić
Christ Dead or Alive on the Edge of Christendom
Rebecca Gill
Mobili e Immobili: Sacred Furnishings at the Sacro Monte di Varallo
Jessica Gritti
Carlo Fontana and the New Choir for the Incoronata in Lodi
Constance Keilholz
Frontispieces in Art Literature in the late Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century
Beatrice Mezzogori
"Talented amateurs": Embroideresses in Fifteenth-Century North-Italian Courts
Sarah Alexis Rabinowe
Artistic Copyright in Venice: The Case of Titian’s The Rape of Lucretia
Yamit Rachman-Schrire
Vestigia Christi sequi: Christ’s Imprints on the Stones of Jerusalem
Eliane Roux
Simon Vouet and Genoa: The Raggi Chapel Commission
Joris van Gastel
When the Curtain Falls: Social Satire in Bernini’s Caricatures and Comedies

2016 RSA Travel Grant Recipients
Paper Title
Ovanes Akopyan
The Light of Astrology: Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola on Celestial Influence
Maria Avxentevskaya
Dialectical Rhetoric in the Argumentative Style of John Wilkins of the Royal Society
Angela Ballone
Spanish-American Reflexions on Politics and Italo-Iberian Literary Works
Karoline Johanna Baumann
“Star-crossed lovers”: Troilus and Cressida's Hector and Achilles as Figurations of Self and Other
Flavia Bruni
Governance, Public Order and Theocracy in the Broadsheets of the Stamperia Camerale of Rome
Florence Brunner
Fischart: A Lutheran Reformer or an Erasmian Humanist?
Luna Cacchioli
Public Script in Italian Cities
Valentina Caldari
Our friends the Hollanders": James I and the Dutch
Margherita Centenari
Giovanni Della Casa, Translator of Thucydides
Giacomo Comiati
"[I]l vulgare commento del latino et il latino commento del vulgare": Ippolito Capilupi as Self-Translator
Elena Dahlberg
Lars Fornelius’s Gustavus Sago-Togatus (1631): A Latin Poem in the Service of Swedish State-Building
Matteo Favaretto
Matteo Maria Boiardo as Translator of Apuleius
Jimena Gamba
Chivalric Celebrations as the Setting for Italo-Iberian Relationships after the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis
Rafael M. Girón-Pascual
Converted Jews in Spain, Nobles in Italy: Castilian Merchants in Medicean Florence (1550–1650)
Suzanna Ivanic
Domesticating Devotional Objects during the Recatholicization of Prague
Helena Catherine Kaznowska
Stories Between Storeys: Familial Control and Community Feuds on Early Modern Domestic Stairs
Alice Leonard
Metaphor: Failure or Poetry in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
Regine Maritz
The Case of Magdalena Möringer: Gender, Power, and State-Building in a Narrative of Princely Succession, 1608–18
Lana Martysheva
Plagiarism in Religious Controversies
Hanna Mazheika
Networks of Textual Exchange between England and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early 1600s
Kaye McLelland
Wrestling the Angel in Early Modern Sermons
Victoria Miller
Men of Steel: Armor and Civilians in Cinquecento Italy
Alexandra Nowosiad
Between the Renaissance Reader and the Medieval Auctor: Luis de Aranda and the Sixteenth-Century Printed Gloss
Charlotte Colding Smith
Near Eastern Hand-Painted Images Reimagined in Early Modern Print and Book Illustrations
Maria Sorokina
An Unknown Medieval Essential Source of Marsilio Ficino’s Disputatio contra iudicium astrologorum
Alessandra Tiburzi
Public Script in Italian Cities
Emma Christina Turnbull
Commending the Spanish Match: Antipopery and Political Geography in England, 1618–24
Wouter Wagemakers
"Verona fidelis": The Ruling Elite of Verona and the Search for Identity after Cambrai
Filine Wagner
Displaying the Sacred, Memorizing the Local
John West
"To sound the depths, and fathom where it went": Monarchy and the People’s Hearts



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