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2017 RSA/Kress Travel Grant Recipients

This list includes all RSA members who received a travel grant to present a paper at our 2017 annual meeting in Chicago. Funding for these grants is provided by The Samuel H. Kress Foundation and by member donations to the General Fund of the RSA. The paper titles listed below function as links to our online conference program.

2017 Kress Travel Grant Recipients
Paper Title
Ilaria Andreoli
The “Passio veneziana”: From Sheet to Book to Wall
Andrea Bacciolo
Pomarancio’s Work in Rome’s National Churches and Colleges
Maria Celeste Cola
Painting and Drawing Rome: Views and Landscapes on the Spot around Palazzo Bonelli
Margaret Dalivalle
Picturarum verè Originalium: Inventing Originality in Early Modern London
Thomas Dalla Costa
Veronese’s Workshop at the Church of San Sebastiano: Benedetto Caliari and Others
Gwendoline de Muelenaere
Images of Power. Depictions of Diplomatic Donations of Works of Art in Early Modern Europe
Tancredi Farina
The Tomb of the Prince of Kleve: Medieval Iconography in a Counter-Reformation Monument
Camilla Fiore
Greek Identity in Gregorio XIII’s Rome: Giulio Antonio Santori and the Case of Sant’Atanasio
Andrew Horn
Andrea Pozzo and the Jesuit "Theatres" of the Seventeenth Century
Joost Joustra
Space Oddity? Masaccio’s Transcendental Trinity
Vesna Kamin Kajfež
Center and Periphery: Venice versus Istria and Dalmatia
Pedro Germano Leal
The "Pictorial Dispute" in the New World: From Hieroglyphic Catechisms to Emblematic Culture
Leyla Maria Gabriella Livraghi
Dante's Thieves (Inf. 24-25): A Figurative Approach
Livia Lupi
Venice, Padua and Verona: Architectural Identity in Altichiero da Zevio’s Oratory of St. George
Birgit Ulrike Münch
Lutheranism as Heresy: Thomas Murner and Religious Polemic of the Early Sixteenth Century
Eelco Nagelsmit
Sounding the Bell of Peace: Architectural Prints and their Agency in the Thirty Years' War
Linda Ann Nolan
Devoutly Encumbered: Adorning Sculptures in Early Modern Rome
Laura Overpelt
"Compagni," "Creati," and "Garzoni": The Hidden Key Figures of Florentine Art Production
Sarah Alexis Rabinowe
The Privilege to Copy Paolo Veronese: Socio-Political Conditions for the Development of Image Ownership
Agnieszka Smołucha-Sładkowska
A Second Series by Filarete? Some Notes on Medals of Marcus Croto and Crescentius
Milena Viceconte
The Palazzo Reale of Naples’ Galleria: Roman Features for an Ephemeral Display of Art

2017 RSA Travel Grant Recipients
Paper Title
Shiran Avni Barmatz
Language and Controversy: Hebrew Scholasticism and Theological Perception in Early Modern England
Fabrizio Baldassarri
The Functions of the Vegetative Soul in Seventeenth-Century Alchemical and Mechanical Interpretative Strands
Karoline Johanna Baumann
"Shall I not lie in publishing a truth?" Shakespeare's Cressida as Text
Flavia Bruni
Marginal Matters: Evidence of the Uses of Books in Early Modern Italian Cloisters
Tiziana Checchi
The Colonna Palace Complex at Santi Apostoli (1557–1611): The Political Use of Palatial Space
Douglas Clark
Psychic Self-Sabotage in the Poetry of Nicholas Breton
Paul Clarke
The Material Boccaccio and His De montibus
Janie Cole
Queenship and the Rhetoric of Power at the Court of Maria de’ Medici
Lisandra Costiner
Image, Text, and Context in a Fifteenth-Century Life of the Virgin and Christ Manuscript
Marion Deschamp
Body, Mind, and the "Whole Man": Luther's Anatomy of Faith
Helen Draper
The Gift of Immortality: Portraits and Texts as the Commerce of Love and Memory
Pascale Dubus
Peindre la tempête: L'impact des "Météorologiques" d'Aristote sur la littérature artistique du Cinquecento
Andrea M. Gáldy
Collect Locally, Rule Globally: The Art of Empire and Uses of Local Antiquities
Ana Garriga Espino
"Acá y allá hay harta desaventura": Deixis and Iberian Expansion in Teresa of Ávila's Letters
Jan Hillgaertner
The Press in Exile: Supplying News for German Minorities in Northern and Eastern Europe
Ran Huo
The Art of Power and the Power of Art: Sofonisba Anguissola's Partita a scacchi (1555)
Nicolas Kies
Du mot d’esprit à la ‘rencontre’ gaillarde: comment être ingénieux sans subtiliser?
Marie-Louise Leonard
Sick Notes: Work and Ill-health in Sixteenth-Century Mantua
Valentina Lepri
Managing the Impossible Balance: Law, Philosophy and Prudentia Civilis in the Academy of Zamość
Ida Mauro
Remembering Tarraco in Sixteenth-Century Tarragona
Susan Janet May
Political Spin in a Mantuan Altarpiece: A Hungarian Connection in Mantegna’s Madonna della Vittoria?
Emily Mayne
Genre Trouble: Stirring up Tragedy from the "Old" to the "New" Arcadia
Emma Nicholls
Prayer and the Mediation of Female Subjectivity in the Convents of Florentine Tuscany
Harriet O'Neill
Double Visions: The Creation of Palimpsest Frames and their Role in the Reinterpretation of Renaissance Panels
Ernesto Oyarbide
A State Matter and a Conflict for the Soul: Ribera’s Views against Peace with England
Nil Palabiyik
Joseph Scaliger’s Turkish Marginalia in Johannes Leunclavius’s Historiae Musulmanorum Turcorum (1591)
Camilla Pietrabissa
Blue Paper and Rococo Optics in Oudry's Workshop
Sophie Pitman
Reconstructing the Clothing of Early Modern London: Material Knowledge and Textile Literacy
Mandy Richter
To Show or Not to Show? The Representation of Female Pubic Hair in the Cinquecento
Julie Robarts
Female Authorizing Strategies in the Mid-Seicento: Margherita Costa’s La chitarra
Zuzanna Sarnecka
Framing with the Glaze: The Della Robbia Altarpieces in the Marche
Rachel Scott
The Making of Europe: Mapping Memory and Identity through the Panchatantra
Mikhail L. Sergeev
From Search for Manuscripts to Title-page Layout: On the History of Marcus Aurelius' Editio princeps
Maria Shmygol
Sea Monster as Textual Counterfeit: Histoire tragique et espouvantable (1616)
Amy Ellen Sinclair
Literary Dissimulation in Lucrezia Marinella’s Essortationi alle donne (1645)
Katharina Steiner
"Tusk of a Mythic Beast": Shifts from Mythology to Taxonomy
Jitka Stollova
Rediscovering Richard III in Seventeenth-Century Legal Writing
Marisa Tabarrini
Foundation and Developments of Two Lots in Trastevere from the Seventeenth Century
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