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RSA Fellowship Winners

2018 Fellowship Winners

The RSA–Bodleian Library Research Fellowship

Duygu Yildirim, Stanford University
“Familiar Difference: Science, Faith and Empathy between Constantinople and Europe, 1650–1750”

The RSA–Kress Bodleian Library Research Fellowship

Evelyn Cohen, Independent Scholar
“Joel ben Simeon's Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library”

The Patricia H. Labalme Fellowship

José María Pérez Fernández, Universidad de Granada
“Information and Its Circulation throughout the International Marketplace of Print: The Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Printed Matter in Small Formats”

The RSA–Kress Centro Vittore Branca Fellowship

Nicholas Herman, University of Pennsylvania
“Illuminated Manuscript Fragments between Venice and Philadelphia: New Research in Digital Reconstructions”

The RSA–Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) Fellowship

Marie-Alice Belle, Université de Montréal
“Stuart and Commonwealth Translated Books in the Thomas Fisher and CRRS Rare Book Collections: A Study of Paratextual Features”

The RSA–Kress Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) Fellowship

Isabelle Lecocq, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage
“The Luminous Frame: Stained Glass and Ornament in the Netherlandish Renaissance”

The RSA–Folger Fellowship

Freddy Cristobal Dominguez, University of Arkansas
“Radicals in Exile: English Catholic Books during the Reign of Philip II”

The RSA–Newberry Fellowship

Eric Hupe, University of Virginia
“The Franciscan Theology of Light and Venetian Painting of the Late-Fifteenth Century”

The RSA–Kress Newberry Fellowship

Giulia Torello-Hill, University of New England
“The Lyon Terence and Its Legacy in the Sixteenth Century”

The RSA–Huntington Fellowship

David Davis, Houston Baptist University
“Divine Revelation in English Devotion, 1400–1700”

The RSA–Kress New York Public Library Fellowship

Christine Goettler, Universitaet Bern
“Gold in a Golden Age: Imaginaries of a Metal in Netherlandish Art, ca. 1600”

The RSA–Kress Beinecke Library Fellowship

Christy Anderson, University of Toronto
“Maritime Space and Expertise in Early Modern England: George Waymouth and The Jewell of Artes’ (1604)”

The RSA–Kress UCLA Library Fellowship

Kelly Whitford, Brown University
“Angelic Devotion: Embodying Belief with Bernini’s Angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome”

Paul Oskar Kristeller Memorial Fellowship

Noam Andrews, New York University
“Model Mysterium: Johannes Kepler’s Early Cosmology”

Sarah Knight, University of Leicester
“A New Edition and Translation of John Milton’s Epistolae Familiares

Alana Mailes, Harvard University
“Musica Transalpina: English Musicians in the Italian Peninsula, 1558–1660”

Renaissance Society of America Research Fellowship

Hana Suckstorff, University of Toronto
“Lives Out of Place: Renegades in Early Modern Italy”

Megan Piorko, Georgia State University
“Arthur Dee and Elias Ashmole’s Chemical Collections: Alchemy, Antiquarianism, and Books in the mid-Seventeenth Century”

Aileen Feng, University of Arizona
“Feminism’s First Paradox: Female-Authored Misogyny and Homosociality in Early Modern Italy”

Daniel Hershenzon, University of Connecticut
“Jewish Manuscripts in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Between Piracy, Redemption, and the Spanish Inquisition”

Alexander Bevilacqua, Williams College
“How Marracci Read His Qur’an Commentaries: Qur’an Translation in Counter-Reformation Rome”

Pamela Jones, University of Massachusetts Boston
“Celebrating Teresa of Avila in Italy and the Persian Mission, 1614–23: Geopolitics and Perceptions of Holiness”

Sharon Strocchia, Emory University
“Jews and the Tobacco Trade in Early Modern Italy”

Monika Schmitter, University of Massachusetts Amherst
“Portrait of a Collector: Andrea Odoni and His Venetian Palace”

Claude V. Palisca Fellowship in Musicology

Barbara Haggh-Huglo, University of Maryland, College Park
“Mapping and Placing Music in Europe, 1400–1520: The Evidence of Contracts Registered with City Councils”

The Pedretti Fellowship

Maya Corry, University of Oxford
“Leonardo in Milan”

RSA–Samuel H. Kress Mid-Career Research and Publication Fellowship

Monica Dominguez Torres, University of Delaware
“Pearls for the Crown: European Courtly Art and the Rise of the Atlantic Pearl Trade, 1498–1720”

Amanda Wunder, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
“The Spanish Style: Fashion and Politics in the Reign of Philip IV (1621–65)”

Nicole Cook, Philadelphia Museum of Art
“Nocturnal Visual Culture in the Dutch Golden Age: Godefridus Schalcken and the Rise of Candlelight Painting”

Ann Huppert, University of Washington
“Architectural Design, Construction Knowledge, and Communication in Sixteenth-Century Rome”

Stephen Campbell, Johns Hopkins University
“The Endless Periphery: Towards a Geography of Art in Lorenzo Lotto’s Italy”

All previous RSA fellowship winners, 1998–2017

2017 Piers Baker-Bates

2017 Lisa Pon

2017 Susan Nalezyty

2017 Estelle Lingo

2017 Marisa Bass

2017 Francesca Borgo

2017 Geneviève Bazinet

2017 Maria Teresa M. Prendergast

2017 Laura Benedetti

2017 Meredith Ray

2017 Blake de Maria

2017 Lorenzo Comensoli Antonini

2017 Micha Lazarus

2017 Lisandra Costiner

2017 Victoria Addona

2017 Chassica Kirchhoff

2017 Steven Teasdale

2017 Sara Ritchey

2017 Cecile Fromont

2017 Nicole Wagner

2017 Suzanne van de Meerendonk

2017 Joris van Gastel

2017 Emily Shortslef

2017 Justina Spencer

2017 Kathryn Renton

2017 Courtney Quaintance

2017 Lisa Mansfield

2017 Cedric Cohen-Skalli

2017 Sophia D'Addio

2017 Jordan Famularo

2017 Susan Gaylard

2017 Sarah Mayo

2016 Laura Estill

2016 Alexandra Marraccini

2016 Mara Wade

2016 Sarah Kyle

2016 Sara G. Beam

2016 Sonya Cronin

2016 Daniela D'Eugenio

2016 Bradley Cavallo

2016 Shannon Kelley

2016 Elizabeth Merrill

2016 Dana Katz

2016 Katherine Brown

2016 Edward Wouk

2016 Allison Levy

2016 Pieter Martens

2016 Grace Harpster

2016 Holly Hurlburt

2016 Thomas Hendrickson

2016 Rosa Salzberg

2016 Beth Petitjean

2016 Florin-Stefan Morar

2016 Julia Vazquez

2016 Daria Foner

2016 Danielle Callegari

2016 Céline Dauverd

2016 Jessica Goethals

2016 Magdalena S. Sánchez

2016 Eric Dursteler

2015 Earle Havens

2015 Michelle Moseley-Christian

2015 Clement Godbarge

2015 Lorenzo Buonanno

2015 Mackenzie Cooley

2015 Walter Roy Laird

2015 Renzo Baldasso

2015 Diana Bullen Presciutti

2015 Amy Bloch

2015 Lia Markey

2015 Stephanie Porras

2015 Lisa Pon

2015 Anuradha Gobin

2015 Jodi Cranston

2015 Kay Etheridge

2015 Urvashi Chakravarty

2015 Timothy Kircher

2015 Michael Martoccio

2015 Anna Wainwright

2015 Lisa Andersen

2015 Frances Gage

2015 Corey Tazzara

2015 Miriam Kirch

2015 Carolyn Nadeau

2015 Joseph Ortiz

2015 Elena Brizio

2014 Renee Raphael

2014 Elizabeth Dwyer

2014 Katarzyna Lecky

2014 James Nelson Novoa

2014 Erin Downey

2014 Una D’Elia

2014 Maria Loh

2014 Julia Miller

2014 Mark Rosen

2014 Barbara Wisch

2014 Alice Isabella Sullivan

2014 John Martin

2014 Craig Monson

2014 Paul White

2014 Danielle Callegari

2014 Chloe Ireton

2014 Hannah Marcus

2014 Federica Signoriello

2014 Lana Sloutsky

2014 Nadia Baadj

2014 Stephanie Porras

2014 Kathryn Santos

2014 Stephanie Leone

2013 Katherine Larson

2013 Catherine Castner

2013 Mark Rankin

2013 Michael Ursell

2013 Erin Kelly

2013 Martine Sauret

2013 Lynn Catterson

2013 Phillip Usher

2013 Alexandra Hoare

2013 Saundra Weddle

2013 Felicia Else

2013 Roberta Ricci

2013 Catherine Chou

2013 Sean Parrish

2013 Shannon McHugh

2013 Ananda Cohen Suarez

2013 Diego Pirillo

2013 Giada Damen

2013 Nicholas Eckstein

2013 A. Katie Harris

2013 Jonathan Reid

2012 Sarah McPhee

2012 Adelina Modesti

2012 Janna Israel

2012 Erin Benay

2012 Evelyn Cohen

2012 Mari Yoko Hara

2012 Melissa Moreton

2012 Matthew Smith

2012 Krystel Chehab

2012 Justine Walden

2012 April Oettinger

2012 Ashley Elston

2012 Elizabeth Horodowich

2012 John Monfasani

2012 Anne Leader

2012 Nandini Das

2012 Susan Nalezyty

2012 Jesse Howell

2011 Bronwen Wilson

2011 Karen-Edis Barzman

2011 Monika Schmitter

2011 Cammy Brothers

2011 Lynn Catterson

2011 Pamela A. V. Stewart

2011 Peter W. Sposato

2011 Natalie Cleaver

2011 Luka Špoljaric

2011 Susanna Berger

2011 Elizabeth Merrill


2011 Stefano Dall’Aglio

2011 Rebecca Olson

2011 John M. Hunt

2011 Patricia Simons

2011 Mark A. Aloisio

2011 Kristine Louise Haugen

2011 Jeremy Glatstein

2010 Amy R. Bloch

2010 Frances Gage

2010 Ryan E. Gregg

2010 Pamela M. Jones

2010 Maria Ruvoldt

2010 Mayu Fujikawa

2010 Caroline Duroselle-Melish

2010 Jessica Goethals

2010 Sarah Christopher

2010 Jennifer M. DeSilva

2010 Glenn J. Kumhera

2010 Adam N. McKeown

2010 Paul F. Grendler

2010 Lloyd E. Kermode

2010 Patricia Phillippy

2010 Patricia W. Manning

2009 Dennis V. Geronimus

2009 Meredith J. Gill

2009 Mia M. Mochizuki

2009 Peter Arnade

2009 Nicholas S. Baker

2009 Andrew D. Berns

2009 Alan Cottrell

2009 Jeroen De Keyser

2009 Laura Estill

2009 Lia Markey

2009 Timothy D. McCall

2009 Meredith K. Ray

2009 Daniel Wasserman

2008 Cécile Alduy

2008 Marc Bizer

2008 Tracy Cooper

2008 Dorothy Donahue

2008 Caroline Hillard

2008 Dana Katz

2008 Jenna Lay

2008 Laura Prelipcean

2008 Matthew Vester

2008 Sally Cornelison

2008 Laura Agoston

2008 Jill Blondin

2008 Dan Ewing

2007 Gauvin Alexander Bailey

2007 Paul Cohen

2007 Robert Fredona

2007 Giuseppe Gerbino

2007 Jaime Goodrich

2007 Kenneth Gouwens

2007 Darin Hayton

2007 Louise Marshall

2007 Roberta Ricci

2007 Sharon Strocchia

2007 Elizabeth R. Wright

2007 Barbara Wisch

2006 David E. Baum

2006 Katherine Wheeler Borum

2006 Christopher Carlsmith

2006 Blake de Maria

2006 Alessia Frassani

2006 M. Thomas Hester

2006 John Easton Law

2006 Amber A. McAlister

2006 Katherine McIver

2006 Jill M. Pederson

2006 Nadine Pederson

2006 Mary Beth Winn

2005 Monica Azzolini

2005 Alessia Frassani

2005 Jeanette Marie Fregulia

2005 Mark Jurdjevic

2005 Cynthia Klestinec

2005 Constance Joan Moffatt

2005 Michael John Noone

2005 Hilmar Matthias Pabel

2005 Jennifer Roberts-Smith

2005 Daniel Savoy

2005 Roni Weinstein

2004 Karl R. Appuhn

2004 W. Scott Blanchard

2004 Jana L. Byars

2004 Giancarlo Fiorenza

2004 Daniel Kokin

2004 Anita Mikulic-Kovacevic

2004 Monique E. O’Connell

2004 Patricia Osmond

2004 David E. Rutherford

2004 Michael Ullyot

2004 Katherine Elliot van Liere

2003 Gauvin Alexander Bailey

2003 Brian A. Curran

2003 Douglas N. Dow

2003 Olga Anna Duhl

2003 Richard E. Keatly

2003 Anne Leader

2003 John N. King

2003 Alexander Nagel

2003 Michael J. Noone

2003 Benjamin C. I. Ravid

2003 Zur Shalev

2002 Christopher S. Celenza

2002 Kathleen M. Comerford

2002 William M. Hamlin

2002 Barbara Johnston

2002 Dana Katz

2002 Pamela O. Long

2002 Thomas F. Mayer

2002 Katherine A. McIver

2002 Elizabeth Rhodes

2002 Sara Jayne Steen

2002 Susan V. Webster

2001 Erminia Ardissino

2001 Julia A. DeLancey

2001 Arne R. Flaten

2001 Melinda Gough

2001 Susan G. Lewis

2001 Nelson H. Minnich

2001 Emil J. Polak

2001 Shirley Sharon-Zisser

2001 Marcello Simonetta

2001 Nicholas Terpstra

2001 Carolyn C. Wilson

2000 Gauvin Alexander Bailey

2000 Mark Bayer

2000 Katherine M. Bentz

2000 E. Bernstein

2000 Celeste Brusati

2000 William Eamon

2000 Patricia A. Emison

2000 Mary K. Hewlett

2000 Anna C. Knaap

2000 David Marsh

2000 Sheryl E. Reiss

2000 Diane E. Sieber

2000 Jutta Sperling

1999 Mari-Tere Alvarez

1999 Clifford M. Brown

1999 Margaret A. Gallucci

1999 Michael M. Holmes

1999 Hilaire Kallendorf

1999 Thomas Kuehn

1999 Mark Jurdjevic

1999 Margaret F. Rosenthal

1999 Catherine Turrill

1998 Stefano Ugo Baldassari

1998 Patricia Fortini Brown

1998 Noel Fallows

1998 Valeria Finucci

1998 Jefferey S. Ruth

1998 Shelley E. Zuraw

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